Ligament ligament ligament

Occasionally, a small ligamentous band stretches from the tip of the transverse process of the fourth vertebra down to the iliac crest behind the main ligament. Ligament definition, a band of tissue, usually white and fibrous, serving to connect bones, hold organs in place, etc. This ligament is ruptured in certain severe cases of dislocation of the hip. It is estimated that one inversion injury of the ankle occurs per 10, 000 persons per day 1- 3. Ligament ligament ligament. LATERAL ANKLE LIGAMENT SPRAINS AND INSTABILITY.
Interwoven is the love of liberty with every ligament of the heart. The nuchal ligament is a ligament at the back of the neck that is continuous with the supraspinous ligament. This means that approximately 5, 0, 000 of these injuries occur in the United Kingdom and United States, respecitvely, each day.
It forms the thickened lower border of two of the layers of the thoracolumbar fascia.

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